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Celebration Stories from Canada's 2011's Best Workplaces

It is a moment of pride for an organization to receive that phone call from a Great Place to Work® representative about its inclusion in the year's Best Workplaces List. While the annual awards ceremony is an external celebration for all best workplaces, we were interested in knowing how organizations celebrate this achievement internally.

A ‘Celebration Contest’ was organized by the Great Place to Work in Canada inviting organizations to submit pictures, articles, videos highlighting how they celebrated their Best Workplaces announcement internally.

We were thrilled and excited to receive such interesting celebration material from the Best Workplaces. From ‘Congratulations’ displayed on TV screens, to celebratory lunches with cupcakes, mimosas, champagne to special gifts for employees, it was clear organizations were serious about celebrating this achievement in a big way.

SaskCentral’s CEO thanked all employees and celebrated their achievement with bright balloons, treats and a sundae bar. Employees received iPod nanos and had the day off after the celebration! The Ontario Hospital Association, Connect Hearing, Starbucks and Grant Thornton Canada celebrated with custom designed ‘Best workplaces 2011’ cupcakes at their celebration events. Real Food for Real Kids served ‘awesomely tasty popsicles’. HR Downloads had a paintball event for its people while many organizations including Disney Online Studios, Trillium Health Centre organized special celebration events. These organizations truly know how to celebrate their people! To read more and view celebration pictures from these organizations and more, visit us on Facebook.

Alia Malhotra is a Consultant at Great Place to Work® in Canada.


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