Podcast Episode 1: Mental Wellness with Sklar Wilton

Podcast Episode 1: Mental Wellness with Sklar Wilton

We've been planning to re-launch our podcast—now titled Workplace Greatness Radio—for a while, and for the first episode, I was lucky enough to sit down for a 35-40 minute conversation with Sarah Liverance, Partner at Sklar Wilton & Associates and founder of the Headway movement.

We took a deep dive into mental wellness in the workplace, discussing everything from our new guide for employers, to misconceptions about mental health, to why Sklar Wilton has a special relationship with this issue:

This topic happens to be particularly important to me, so I'm glad I got an opportunity to discuss it with Sarah, whom it's clearly important to as well.

Thank you so much to Sarah for being my first guest, and thank you to everyone for checking out my first episode. Please feel free to share any and all feedback on our LinkedIn page.

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