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Why Employees Love Working at TD

 Why Employees Love Working at TD

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When we love what we do, we tend to feel a sense of purpose and belonging. Whether it’s because our organization’s values align with our own or we feel appreciated for our contributions, our working hours tend to pass by faster and we can end our days feeling energized. While no job is perfect, working in an environment we genuinely love helps us maintain a positive attitude on even the most challenging days. We go the extra mile when we feel we belong to a team, that we’re pursuing a higher purpose, that we’re working with people who care about us as individuals and not just as employees. And then we want to come to work because that work is more rewarding.

With an inclusive culture and a resounding commitment to creating a positive colleague experience, one where employees feel supported, happy, and proud of the work they do, TD has made a lasting impression on us here at Great Place to Work. As a major financial institution providing solutions to individuals and businesses for more than 150 years, the TD commitment to customers, employees, shareholders and communities remains very strong.

This year, a group of TD employees again participated in the Great Place to Work survey1 focused on addressing their level of engagement and motivation at work, their confidence in their leaders, as well as their pay, benefits and other employment essentials with the result that TD was certified as a 'Great Place to Work' and named one of Canada’s Best Workplaces for 2022. In addition, TD has also appeared on 15 other Best Workplaces lists, so it’s not surprising to learn that employees here find their work to be meaningful and a great source of pride. In fact, 83% of the TD employees surveyed have told us they feel proud of all that the company has accomplished, and 84% agree TD is a great place to work.

Here are a few noteworthy results from the survey about why employees love working at TD:

Inclusive and Caring Culture
It’s no secret that building a great company and positive work culture is an important component of a successful business. An organization's culture can positively impact recruiting efforts, employee engagement, productivity, and customer service. That’s why leading organizations like TD build their culture around a shared mission and vision, and values like authenticity, care and inclusion. Implemented properly, a caring and supportive culture creates trust between team leaders and their team members, helps improve morale, lowers job-related stress, all while helping to increase employee satisfaction and boost performance.

Employees at TD see how open and authentic upper management is with their entire organization (85% of TD employees surveyed agree that management is approachable and easy to talk with), and feel empowered to share innovative ideas, new process ideas to help improve workflows, and feedback during coaching conversations. At Great Place to Work, we firmly believe that companies thrive when their workforce trusts that they can safely bring forward new ideas and feedback. When your company shares knowledge openly across the organization, it's demonstrating that management trusts, respects, and values employees at all levels, which is foundational to creating a great place to work. And with 80% of TD employees surveyed saying they want to work here for a long time, it’s easy to see that honest and forthright communication can contribute to long careers with an organization that allows its people to grow. We believe that caring colleagues and inclusive leaders are part of what makes TD a unique and great place to work.  

Pride of Purpose
Employers of choice like TD build pride by creating purpose2. Purpose gives employees a reason — other than a paycheck — to be proud of their work. And, of course, happy employees perform better 3, from following management directives to tag-teaming projects with co-workers. With 88% of TD employees surveyed saying they’re proud to tell others they work here, it’s clear that pride matters. We believe that proud employees are more engaged, more satisfied and they stay longer with the goal of growing with the company.

Employees who believe their organization provides excellent products or services are often more proud to work there. At TD, 78% of employees surveyed believe that their customers would rate the service they deliver as "excellent". This is a testament to the strength of the organizational pride at TD.  In the words of one of their employees, “Work feels effortless because everyone comes together and gives their best effort to achieve the company’s goals.”  TD has stated that its purpose is to help enrich the lives of its customers, colleagues and communities.

Supportive and Credible Leaders
Credibility, which is often said to flow from character and competence, is one of the most essential aspects of leadership. Supportive and credible leaders are genuine, even when navigating uncomfortable conversations. They back their words with action, and support their people. They do what they say they will do and follow through on promises.

At TD, 90% of employees surveyed tell us that management is honest and ethical in their business practices, and a further 85% say they feel management is competent at running the business. This tangible feedback reflects both a high level of perceived competence (faith in the leader’s knowledge, skills, and ability to do the job) and trustworthiness (belief in their values and dependability).

Gail Allison, Senior Investigator in the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) of TD Insurance, has worked in various roles including auto and complex casualty claims, and customer administration.  She credits the TD supportive culture for helping her achieve her goals. “Anytime I have a question, I know there is someone who I can ask. It’s super supportive anywhere I’ve been at TD. I’ve never, not once, walked away from talking with a manager or colleague without an answer, a suggestion, or a referral to help guide me to the next step,” she said. “I count myself as lucky to work for a company that allows me to explore as many possibilities as I can so that I can constantly learn and challenge myself. This is where I want to be.”

Diverse and Transparent Environment
At Great Place to Work, we often say diversity does not exist without inclusion. When employees feel included, they feel seen, valued and heard, which drives increased performance results and creates collaborative teams that are innovative and engaged. At TD, they believe it’s their responsibility, as an employer, to foster a workplace where all people are treated with care, respect and dignity, in an inclusive, open and safe work environment. As workforce demographics change, diversity has remained a business imperative and a key ingredient of their success.

TD also recognizes the importance of growth and investing in continuous development. As such, they host hundreds of diversity and inclusion events and programs; provide opportunities for self-serve learning and enterprise-wide learning modules throughout the year aimed at helping all colleagues connect and understand the experiences of diverse communities. These events are very well received and elicit positive and transparent feedback.

“I just completed the course and had to reach out to say – WOW! The course was so well done – thought provoking, educational and eye opening. Thank you for doing this.”TD colleague feedback on the internal TD Understanding Black Experiences learning module.

With 95% of TD employees surveyed saying that people are treated fairly regardless of their sexual orientation and 90% saying they’re treated fairly regardless of their race or ethnicity, it’s clear to see that the TD long-term commitment to diversity and inclusion is paying off. It requires small steps of courage at every level of the organization, not just within the executive leadership team. It begins with team leaders and managers creating workspaces where employees feel safe to bring their whole selves to work, inspiring their team members to be authentic and innovative. People leaders at TD strive to create a diverse and transparent environment where everyone can make an impact and contribute to an inclusive and caring culture. There's no doubt in our minds as to why TD is recognized as one of the best workplaces in Canada! 

1 – Great Place to Work® deployed the Trust Index® Survey to 1950 randomly selected TD employees on July 13-27, 2021
2 – Purpose as it is positioned here is demonstrated by 4 survey statements which demonstrate this point – I feel I make a difference here (TD response 78% positive); My work has special meaning: this is not “just a job” (TD response 71% positive); When I look at what we accomplish, I feel a sense of pride. (TD response 81%); I feel good about the ways we contribute to the community (TD response 85% positive)
3 – Cummulative return study – Great Place to Work® link here to study summary


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