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Why Partner with Us?

At Great Place to Work® Canada, we are dedicated to fostering outstanding workplace cultures through employee feedback and actionable insights. Partnering with us means aligning your brand with excellence and reaching a broad audience of working professionals and business leaders. Together, we can create impactful campaigns that resonate with your audience and ours.

- Collaboration Opportunities -

Co-Branded Articles:

Collaborate on insightful articles that highlight key industry trends, best practices, and case studies. Feature our brand alongside yours to reach a combined audience.

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Joint Webinars and Events:

Partner with us to host impactful webinars and events. Collaborate with our experts to provide valuable insights to working professionals and business leaders.


Shared Social Media Campaigns:

Engage both of our follower bases by co-creating and sharing social media content that promotes both brands and messages, enhancing visibility and engagement for both parties.


Email Collaborations

Engage our subscribers with co-branded email campaigns that highlight collaborative content and offers.

Best Workplaces™ List Partnership:

Partnering with our Best Workplaces™ List is an exceptional way to align your brand with the top employers in Canada. This partnership offers unparalleled visibility and credibility, positioning your company as a leader in promoting outstanding workplace culture.

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