Employee Well-being

What is employee well-being and why is it important?

Employee well-being means looking beyond people’s physical health and the type of work they do. Employee well-being is important because when employees consistently have positive experiences across the five areas that contribute to a high level of well-being, they can flourish inside and outside of work.

According to a Great Place To Work® and Johns Hopkins University survey of over 14,000 people from 37 countries, employee well-being affects employee retention and employee referrals.

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  • Employee well-being is more complex than physical health and the nature of one’s job
  • Promoting employee well-being requires consistent listening and measuring with practices such as regular employee surveys

Employee well-being is a predictor of employee retention and referrals

Employees who experience high levels of well-being in the workplace are 3 times more likely to intend to stay with their employer.

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Employees who experience high levels of well-being in the workplace are 3 times more likely to recommend their employer to others.

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 The 5 Dimensions of Employee Well-being

5 dimensions of employee well-being

By creating a climate of mental and emotional support, personal support, financial health and meaningful connections, business leaders can provide a foundation for positive well-being that allows employees to flourish.

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How to promote employee well-being in the workplace

After researching the practices of Certified™ great workplaces and employee surveys, 6 key practices can help managers improve employee well-being.

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Best Workplaces™ for Mental Wellness 2024

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 11 Initiatives to Boost Employee Well-being

11 Initiatives to Boost Employee Well-being

Discover 11 proven initiatives to enhance employee well-being in the workplace. From mental health support to flexible work arrangements.

Learn how you can improve employee happiness and productivity

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