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Does your workplace culture support safety?

Great Place to Work ® Safety Index is an assessment tool to help measure and track Safety Culture.

Take a data-driven approach to workplace health and safety. Great Place to Work® Certification provides you with a Safety Index that measures and benchmarks safety from the employee’s perspective. Enhance your safety culture and thrive safely together.

How to Get Certified


Strong safety culture is one where people:

  • Have the training, resources and equipment to do their job safely.

  • Feel free to speak up if they make a mistake or if something doesn’t seem right.

  • Trust that their concerns will be dealt with promptly by leadership.


Trust and Safety

Early research on high-trust workplaces found that trust and safety are inextricably connected.

Not only do organizations with higher levels of trust have fewer safety incidents, but when an organization has a strong safety focus, this increases levels of trust within the organization.



A solid foundation of trust is required to enable a strong safety culture.

Create a physically safe and psychologically healthy work environment with Safety Index.

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