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Build a Diverse Equitable & Inclusive Workplace

Build an inclusive workplace that will unlock better team collaboration, improved innovation and increased financial performance with the Great Place to Work ® Trust Index survey. Use the employee survey tool trusted by Best Workplaces™ and based on 30 years of employee experience data.

Survey Your Employees

Rated G: Becoming Great for All

What does it really take to create an inclusive culture? Watch this on-demand webinar for an honest discussion about equity in the workplace between executives at Great Place to Work and UKG.

Create Strategy That Transforms Your Workplace Inside Out

Measure and Monitor Workplace Diversity & Inclusion

Get Insights on your workforce with our Employee Survey that helps leaders monitor and change their behaviours

Customize & Increase Your Recruiting Pipeline

Create a diverse and Inclusive workplace that attracts the top talent and reflects a great organizational culture

Improve Employee Retention & Turnover across organization

Understand how top-level decisions are impacting employees. Take a deep dive into their perceptions.

Create a sense of Innovation & Engagement

Build a high-trust culture that encourages communication, sharing of ideas and risk-taking that helps fuel innovation

Culture insights that will move the needle 

  • Identify weak spots that are contributing to poor employee engagement, stalling innovation, employee stress and feelings of exclusion at work.
  • Uncover your culture strengths and know where to lean in. Get laser-focused on what will have the most impact on your goals.
  • Demonstrate the impact a DEIB strategy has on your organization with detailed data on your employees’ experience.


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Attract, manage & retain a diverse workforce

  •  Attract diverse talent through an inclusive company culture. Effectively manage a diverse workforce as generations are becoming more ethnically and racially diverse.
  • Avoid high employee turnover by ensuring you are making all employees feel heard and valued.


Measure more of what matters to you

  • Everyone can feel safe sharing honest feedback using our completely confidential survey platform.
  • Our Surveys are easy to use no matter where you are – employees can share feedback in minutes on any desktop or mobile device.


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