The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken up businesses everywhere. They’ve had to adapt to consumer behaviors and priorities, understand a new, volatile environment, and find new ways of communicating and strategizing across organizations.

2020 was hard, but the Best Workplaces in Canada proved that with some strategic thinking and quick pivots, thriving during these difficult times was indeed possible, but what did these organizations do to put themselves ahead of the pack?

To help answer this, we surveyed over 50,000 employees representing 227 organizations across a broad spectrum of industries using the Great Place to Work® Trust Index (TI) survey. Employees participated from across all job levels, front line to C-Suite, and functional areas.

Our research also speaks to the Bold Acts of Leadership demonstrated by the Best Workplaces under the most challenging of circumstances, with their actions inspiring employee confidence and resulting in increased organizational empathy, flexibility, communication, and support demonstrated and delivered by leadership, at all levels.

After 30+ years of researching great workplaces, we know that employees care about two things above everything else—confidence in their organization’s ability to navigate the future and a leadership team that’s focused on the compassion and care of its people.

While we can't make predictions about what will happen, and nobody knows what the future looks like, we hope this research from the Best Workplaces in Canada provides a helpful reference and that the insights are useful to you in some way.

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