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Bold Leadership Secrets From the Retail & Hospitality Sectors

As we write this, the world has been living in this pandemic for a year, and the virus continues to spread and change life as we know it. In fact, very little feels “normal” in our way of living anymore, and the guidance which we are offered by leaders seems to change daily.

Currently, we are witness to a multitude of challenges, from business closures, to a global finance crisis, astronomically high unemployment rates and the relentless discomfort formed from not being able to see our family, friends, and colleagues.

Today, this global emergency has amplified uncomfortable facts on racial and income disparities that taint our view of the world. But along with these challenges we also bear witness to outstanding and swift bold acts of leadership, which enable organizations and employees to step up to the challenge before us.

The retail and hospitality industries in particular were amongst the hardest hit, and have been struggling to recover the deficits endured as a result of the pandemic. However, despite this uncertainty, new research from Great Place to Work® reveals that workplaces consistently focused on building trust with their employees actually saw an increase in staff morale, communication and overall satisfaction in the past year, despite the numerous challenges presented by the pandemic.

Organizations in this sector have been praised on the speed with which they've adapted to the crisis, the transparency of communication from leadership and the way they've fostered feelings of camaraderie, even with less face-to-face time together as a team. These intentional leader actions helped employees feel safe, heard and that their contributions matter. Download our latest report to discover the bold acts of leadership taken by these organizations.


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