Trust Rules

"Trust Rules is essential reading for all people managers."

Our research has identified the crucial trust-building attitudes and behaviours that set the world’s best managers apart from all others. These form the sixteen rules that, when followed, will have the greatest positive impact on your relationship with your employees, ensuring that they experience you as a reliable, truthful, and capable manager. The great news is that the rules are simple and surprisingly easy to live by. In fact, you may already do much of what is suggested in this book, and do it well. That’s what makes you a good manager. But why settle for good when great is within your reach?

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Trust Rules will help you to become the best manager that you can be by sharing evidence-based insights and practical tools used by some of the world’s best managers to build the teams that together form the world’s best workplaces. Take the time to incorporate these trust-building behaviors into your day-to-day management routine and we promise you that the results will be extraordinary and career defining. Tens of thousands of great managers around the world already know that Trust Rules. Check the coverage of this book by Toronto Sun.


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Trust Rules: The High Trust, High Performance Manager

Building on the International best-seller “Trust Rules: How the World’s Best Managers Create Great Places to Work”, this entertaining, fast-paced and thought provoking workshop helps managers at every level harness the power of trust and lead their teams to extraordinary business results.


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Learning Objectives

  • Discover and develop a deeper understanding of the 16 common-sense rules
  • Explore why your personality is a feature, not an excuse and, be inspired to develop a unique management style that supports high team performance while still being "your authentic self"
  • Learn the surprising reasons why teams rarely rate their managers as highly as managers rate themselves on the Trust Rules – and prepare for many “I do that too” moments!
  • Build a personal action plan for moving to a higher level of trust-based management