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Best Workplaces for Start-Ups: Innovation from the Inside Out

 Best Workplaces for Start-Ups: Innovation from the Inside Out

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In a rapidly-changing world, innovation is the key to survival for startups. And it’s about much more than developing the next game-changing idea; innovation is fundamental to problem solving, increased productivity and staying one step ahead of the competition.

But it doesn’t happen in isolation; creativity is not the preserve of a handful of talented individuals, but the result of a combined effort by a team supported by a culture and mindset of innovation that has been established in their organization.

Encouraging Innovation

Since startups are often run by a small team working closely together, their culture is typically a reflection of the founding team's passions and personalities. In most situations, each individual working in a start-up contributes to the overall culture. In this environment, resilience and tenacity are absolutely key behaviors needed to succeed. Furthermore, being innovative and able to adapt to the ever-changing conditions are basic characteristics for any entrepreneur. At the Best Workplaces for Start-Ups 97% of employees are quick to tell us that people in their organization rapidly adapt to changes needed for the company’s success.

Employees in these organizations are encouraged to play around with new ideas and feel comfortable doing that without fear of failure or a backlash for mistakes. In these businesses, 97% of managers recognize mistakes as part of doing business and treat them as opportunities to learn and strengthen informed decisions in the future.

True innovation involves getting everyone to bring their best to the table and work beautifully as a team. This has a profound psychological effect in  getting everybody aligned and fired up to grow the company to its full potential. With 94% of employees at the Best Workplaces for Start-Ups saying they feel a sense of pride when they look at what their teams have accomplished, it’s no surprize to see that collaboration is enhanced when everyone wants to see the company win.

Leading with Innovation

Culture sets the tone for how your start-up interacts with customers, suppliers, and stakeholders, and how your employees interact with each other. Once you understand how powerful start-up culture really is, the next question to ask is: How can founders build a start-up culture that leads with innovation?

At the Best Workplaces for Start-Ups, clarity and fluidity in all aspects of knowledge within the team is commonplace, with 97% of employees stating they can ask their manager any reasonable question and get a straight answer and 96% agreeing that their manager keeps them informed of important issues and changes.

In these organizations, people really care about each other and go above and beyond with efforts to create confidence and trust. 97% of employees are willing to give extra to get the job done and 96% say their manager shows appreciation for good work and extra effort.

The organizations named as a Best Workplace for Start-Ups go one step further to help each other through harmonious communication and interaction with 96% of employees stating their manager is approachable and easy to talk with and 97% saying that their manager’s actions match their words.

The Bottom Line

Innovation in the workplace is rewarded in countless ways. Businesses that innovate become more efficient in their internal processes, more likely to manufacture products that consumers love, and are increasingly attractive to potential employees. When we take everything into account, 97% of employees at the Best Workplaces for Start-Ups say their workplace is a great place to work.

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