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Best Workplaces in Manufacturing: Arc’teryx Pivots to Provide PPE to Frontline Workers

 Best Workplaces in Manufacturing: Arc’teryx Pivots to Provide PPE to Frontline Workers

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This year’s Best Workplaces in Manufacturing are leading they way with innovation. In the past three years, all winners introduced new or significantly improved production processes and almost all (90%) introduced new products or services.

Although innovation has been the cornerstone of the manufacturing industry since its early days, the way organizations innovate is evolving rapidly.

Rather than relying on engineering or product development teams to come up with new methods and products, more and more organizations are engaging all employees in the innovation process. When we asked employees working in all roles at the Best Workplaces in Manufacturing how many meaningful opportunities they have had to develop new and better ways of doing things at work in the past year, 80% said ‘a lot’ or ‘some’.

One of the innovative organizations recognized on this year’s list is Vancouver-based global outdoor apparel and equipment manufacturer Arc’teryx. We are absolutely thrilled to receive this recognition for the Arc’teryx ARC’One facility” says Rabeya Ropani, Employee Experience Lead. “At heart, we are a community of problem-solvers and craftspeople. We embody our values every day in our work and the way we show up for our communities.

Whether it's evolving and pivoting to deliver PPE for frontline healthcare workers during COVID-19 or bringing cutting edge innovations to our customers through our signature products, our team takes pride in bringing design to life by handcrafting products with the highest level of quality and detail. Our workforce at is a true representation and celebration of the diversity of peoples in Canada, and we work as one.”

According to Ropani, their ‘working as one’ philosophy means all employees play a key role in bringing cutting edge innovations to their customers. “At ARC’One, we are guided by our company code of the collective in the way we work. Our teams are actively encouraged to problem solve and voice their ideas and recommendations for improvements.”

Their manufacturing process is driven by a cross-functional collaboration between their engineering, sample, training and production teams. At the start of each workday, each of their modular teams on the production floor holds a daily huddle that focuses on safety, quality, delivery, inventory and productivity (SQDIP).

This daily huddle is when everyone can share their process improvement ideas, learnings and get feedback from the team. “We’re fortunate to have a continuous and collaborative feedback loop with our team close-by in the Design Centre in Vancouver. It allows us to ideate in real time and ensure that designs are optimized for manufacturing methodologies. And it results in the highest quality product for our consumers – brought to life faster.”

Innovation by All

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