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How to Celebrate Certification Nation Day on June 22

 How to Celebrate Certification Nation Day on June 22


Certification Nation Day is our annual recognition day of Great Place to Work-Certified™ companies. It’s a time to celebrate these remarkable company cultures and champion a prosperous work environment for all.

Certification is a way for job seekers to judge employers through the lens of their employees. Because employees determine the rankings, Certification shows prospective employees that they can expect a great working environment.

Share your voice. Share your culture.

The journey of getting Certified™ at your organization is as unique as your people and your results. Sharing the meaning behind getting Certified and how you and your company work to create meaningful experience for all is important and powerful. Especially when in your own words. 

Putting stories on a blog can enhance the impact your business is making in the world and can help gain more traction and recognition for the wonderful culture you’ve built. 

Below are a few writing prompts to help you get started: 

  • Tell your Certification journey: why did you want to get Certified™? What does it mean for your business? Your mission? You teams?

  • Q&A with leadership, managers, or employees on their experience. What make working at your company great?

  • Share story of how your company is caring for employees or your community

  • Explain why working at your organization isn’t just a job, it’s a place where employees make a difference

  • Share your workplace experience – data from your Trust Index® can tell a powerful story about what it is like at your organization and how it is better than your competitors

  • Ask managers: how did you listen to your team? Provide their leadership and advice

  • Ask employees: how do you feel cared for and supported? Mental, physical and/or financial wellbeing

  • Detail what makes your company unique. Bonus: use data from your Trust Index® survey or Certification profile

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