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Knowledge is Power at Hilti

 Knowledge is Power at Hilti

Hilti makes and designs leading edge products, services and software which power the professional construction industry. Based in over 120 countries with more than 27,000 team members globally, Hilti excels through outstanding innovation, top quality products and direct customer relationships.

Hilti team members are well-known for their level of knowledge on products, services and customer applications. Training is extensive and every team member is valued and empowered to grow.

Because they understand that knowledge is power, management at Hilti takes intentional steps to ensure this collective knowledge flows freely throughout the organization, so it can be maximized and leveraged to secure their position as innovators and market leaders.

Sharing information openly and transparently begins at the top. Hilti Canada's General Manager Martina McIsaac sets the tone by ensuring company information is shared accurately and transparently. Messages are cascaded from leadership to their respective teams through intense training sessions, using a ‘meeting in a box’ format, which include presentations, demonstration materials, talking points, training documents and videos. This helps establish a culture of information sharing, and ensures that all employees, from coast to coast, receive the same message.

Developing team members is embedded in their culture. At Hilti, managers know that their main role is to coach and motivate their teams. In fact, it is built into their performance targets; managers receive a bonus when they develop a team member who gets promoted! This is enabled by technical and product training which is second to none. New hires receive 2 months of training, and all employees are constantly updating their skills and knowledge with 40 hours of training annually. Hilti also subsidizes team members who wish to further develop their skills at post-secondary institutions.

Every employee has a career plan. Having a formal process for this allows transparency and across-the- board understanding of each person’s development plan and career path. Each team member’s career options are reviewed with their direct manager so they can provide their insight into development discussions and better support their individual career goals. The process also provides Human Resources with a holistic view of each team’s skills, areas for development, goals and dynamics.

Hilti is committed to leadership development and promoting from within. Hilti has a strong commitment to fill the majority of positions, especially management roles, from within the organization. Using their Global Talent Management Process, they assess the potential and goals of each employee, then put a development plan into place to fill any gaps and assess progress. As a worldwide company, the opportunities are diverse and all over the world. About 79% of the Canada management team has been promoted internally. As an example, they have an emerging leader program which helps high potential team members develop their skills and leadership abilities at a fast-tracked pace and gives them exposure to the entire Canadian Executive Management Team. Each year, participants of this program are promoted within a year, based on their performance in the program, mobility, personal interest and business needs.

About Hilti

Hilti Canada has been named to the 2018 list of Best Workplaces in Canada and the 2018 list of Best Workplaces in Professional Services. To learn more about career options at Hilti, visit www.careers.hilti.ca


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