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Our 6 Most Popular Company Culture Articles of 2022

 Our 6 Most Popular Company Culture Articles of 2022

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Company culture is a critical component of any organization and can have a significant impact on employee satisfaction and performance. In this article, we've compiled a list of the top 6 company culture articles of 2022, covering a range of topics from creating a positive company culture to promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Whether you're looking to improve your organization's culture or simply want to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices, these articles have something for everyone. So, let's dive in and explore the top 6 company culture articles of 2022!


How Does Company Culture Impact Employees?

Company culture has a powerful impact on employees. It can influence how they feel about their job, how they interact with their coworkers, and how committed they are to the organization. A positive company culture can foster a sense of belonging and satisfaction among employees, leading to increased productivity and loyalty. On the other hand, a negative company culture can lead to high levels of stress, turnover, and absenteeism. In this article, we will explore how company culture impacts employees and how organizations can create a positive culture that supports the well-being and success of their employees.


11 Characteristics of an Employer of Choice

Being an employer of choice means that your organization is a top choice for job seekers and current employees. This article outlines 11 characteristics that can make your organization stand out as a great place to work. These include offering competitive benefits and compensation, creating a positive work culture, providing opportunities for growth and development, and being a responsible and ethical employer. 



5 Ways to Champion Diversity and Inclusion at Work

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace is important for creating a fair and inclusive environment for all employees. This article provides 5 ways to champion diversity and inclusion at work. These include implementing inclusive hiring practices, fostering an open and inclusive culture, providing diversity and inclusion training, and actively seeking out diverse candidates and partners. By promoting diversity and inclusion, you can create a workplace that values and celebrates differences and promotes equal opportunities for all.



The Link Between Employee Engagement and Performance

Employee engagement is a measure of how involved and committed employees are to their work and the organization. This article discusses the link between employee engagement and performance, and how organizations can improve both by creating a positive work environment and offering opportunities for growth and development. Engaged employees are more likely to be productive, innovative, and committed to the success of the organization, which can lead to improved performance.



What Does a High Performing Team Look Like?

A high-performing team is one that consistently delivers top-notch results. This article discusses the key traits and practices of successful teams, including effective communication, clear goals and accountability, and a positive team culture. To create a high-performing team, it's important to foster a culture of collaboration, support, and trust, and to provide the resources and support necessary for team members to succeed.



5 Essential Leadership Skills for Workplace Success

5. As a leader, it's important to have a strong set of skills to guide your team towards success. This article outlines 5 essential leadership skills for workplace success, including communication, problem-solving, and the ability to inspire and motivate others.

Effective leaders are able to communicate clearly and effectively, find creative solutions to challenges, and inspire and motivate their team to achieve their best work. By developing these skills, leaders can create a positive and productive work environment for their team.


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