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Best Workplaces™ in Technology: Some of the Happiest Employees in Canada

 Best Workplaces™ in Technology: Some of the Happiest Employees in Canada

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The technology industry may be one of the most challenging, inspiring, and rewarding industries today. It’s a hotbed for both recent graduates and seasoned professionals – and in recent years, the industry has been growing and evolving at a break-neck pace!

It’s no secret that when employees are satisfied at work, they and their organizations perform better. Our latest research on the Best Workplaces in Technology, reveals that the majority of employees feel highly satisfied at work with 93% agreeing that their organization lives up to expectations and is a great place to work.

Of course, true happiness is complex, but on five key measures which to comprise a deeper picture of job satisfaction — credibility, respect, fairness, pride and camaraderie — technology employee’s are having a much better experience, compared to other industries. This is no easy feat, so the question is why do tech employees tend to be happy at work and what can other businesses glean from these insights?

Read on to find out.

A Mecca for Innovation

As an industry, technology is focused on breaking new ground. Technology professionals are embedded into a culture of movement, growth and advancement, where innovation enablement is key. Their work environments become a birthplace where new and inventive concepts take shape.

88% of employees told us that people who try new and different ways of doing things in their organizations are celebrated, regardless of the outcome.

Challenges Welcome

The technology industry is the perfect avenue for those looking for constant challenges in their work. Technology professionals aim to solve virtually every problem people encounter, across all sectors, and even offer new options for things we never knew needed fixing.

For many, this is a welcome challenge. In an industry that asks for so much, it’s imperative that employees feel respected for the talents and skills they bring to the business.

With 93% agreeing that they and their co-workers are given a lot of responsibility, it’s not surprising to hear that challenging work is a key motivator for this group.

Pride of Purpose

If you intend to lead others, you need to give them not only reasons to follow you but also reasons to be part of your organization. Often a sense of belonging comes down to feeling good about what you do, as well as how you do it. Call it pride of purpose. Instilling such pride is never easy but employees in the technology sector have manifested a staggering level of pride in the workplace with 90% telling us they’re proud of what their organization achieves.

Don’t believe us? Check out what Best Workplaces in Technology winner ContactMonkey, a leading provider of internal communications software has to say on the matter.

“To be wildly successful in the throes of a global pandemic is something we couldn’t have imagined but our client-centred and heart-first culture coupled with a compelling and authentic leader who tells it like it is, has been the driving force behind our exponential growth. And we couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve achieved together.”

Katie Liston – Head of Marketing

Flexibility Matters

A great work-life balance builds trust and commitment within the workplace, which can increase productivity. Workplace flexibility doesn’t just mean working remotely, it’s a much broader view on all types of working arrangements. The Best Workplaces in Technology are well-versed on the benefits of the presence of a strong work-life balance with 95% of employees stating that their organizations recognize work-life balance as an important aspect of a healthy work environment.

Authentically You

Being yourself at work is hard. To be brave enough to follow this advice, you need all the help you can get. While it’s daunting, seeking out people and environments that empower you to be nothing but yourself has a pretty huge payoff. Being your true self at work is associated with higher levels of well-being, engagement, and motivation. 94% of employees at the Best Workplaces in Technology have experienced this and feel they can be their authentic selves at work.

The Best Workplaces in Technology leverage their strongest asset – their people – to connect, power and improve the world. Does your organization deserve to be recognized like the Best Workplaces in Technology? Call us, and get started today.

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