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Best Workplaces for Professional Services: The Power of Consistency

 Best Workplaces for Professional Services: The Power of Consistency

You know the importance of having a leadership team that has the ability to encourage and engage employees. But with different team members having different strengths, weaknesses, behaviours and personalities, how do you achieve consistency across your organization and deliver a rich employee experience?

You might be pleasantly surprised to find out that the organizations who manage to do all of the above so well are the type of organizations who don’t sell any products. They sell customized, knowledge-based services. We are of course referring to organizations in the Professional Services industry, the businesses that provide vital services in our modern economies.

If you’re a manager at a Professional Services firm, it can be difficult to balance high-productivity and personalized service with knowledge maintenance and ensuring you attract and keep the best and brightest professionals. Professional Services firms have an array of unique challenges, but the Best Workplaces for Professional Services have a secret weapon – consistency.

Our research shows that the Best Professional Services firms offer a consistent experience across all age groups, gender, tenure, work status and job type.

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Although a high number of employees at professional services firms are having a balanced experience, when employees were asked ‘Do you identify as a visible minority?’ a high number chose not to answer. This is important because a diverse workforce empowers organizations to outperform themselves & their competitors, resulting in a performance boost that drives motivation.

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Consistency is often the difference between success and failure. Consistency breeds trust, especially at work. Consistent employees are dependable and predictable, comforting to managers and colleagues and customers alike. If your organization is falling short at the finish line, it may be time to level up and focus on becoming more consistent in your efforts.

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